Slides from my Siggraph talk about computational photography
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My thoughts about the successes and areas for growth in computational photography. Click here. 

No telephoto on cell phones

A conversation with Marc Levoy unlocked one thing that has puzzled me for a while: why don’t we see cell…

A perfect flat lens with metamaterials
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A new Science article demonstrates an ultra flat lens made of metamaterials that is as sharp as physically possible, has…

Why video compression fails on confettis
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Excellent educational video describing the challenges caused by independent movements for video compression.  

This camera shows you a similar picture instead of the one you are taking
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I love cameras that don’t give you a picture of what you are looking at but instead produce a derivative….

Project idea: Automatic composite portrait
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There has got to be a fun computational way to do this automatically! Via Petapixel Famous Faces Recreated Using Bits…

Lytro Cinema Camera: guestimates of characteristics
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The Lytro cinema camera appears to be closer to a real thing than I thought. The folks at no film…

Auto white balance for flash and LEDs

White balancing a flash or lighting to the color of ambient light makes a big difference and I have found…

Autofocus noise and microphone array
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I’ve been frustrated by the heavy noise heard in videos captured with the new Sony 24-70 f/2.8 (I know, I should…